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- DUI Charges

- Traffic Offenses

- Drug Charges

- Receiving Stolen Property

- Domestic Violence Charges

- Criminal Trespass Charges

- Assault Charges

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The consequences of a Pennsylvania criminal conviction can be dire.


     Depending on the severity of your charges, they can include jail time, driver's license suspension or revocation, steep fines and a permanent black mark on your criminal record. All of these things can negatively affect your personal life for years to come, including your ability to find and keep work, obtain higher education, or participate in certain organizations.


Jefferson And Clearfield County Lawyer

For DUI Defense And Other Criminal Charges


     At the Law Office of J. D. Ryan, we handle any and all criminal defense matters. We understand the complex emotions people feel when they face criminal charges. Whether this is your first arrest, or you have been convicted of a crime previously, we will use the evidence and legal arguments in your favor.


The following are just a few of the circumstances

for which we frequently defend clients:


- DUI charges, including driving under the influence by minors, first-time offenders and repeat offenders.

- Drug charges, including possession, delivery and trafficking of marijuana, methamphetamine, prescription medicines and other illegal substances

- Assault charges

- Burglary charges

- Theft charges

- Receiving stolen property

- Traffic offenses

- Sex crimes

- Domestic violence charges

- Criminal trespass charges



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Let Our Extensive Trial Experience Work For You



     Our founding attorney, Joseph Ryan, has extensive trial experience and works to have charges dropped for his clients whenever possible. He also seeks to limit the consequences of a conviction by scouring the evidence, using the law to your advantage, and when necessary, negotiating with prosecutors for plea bargains.


     Further, our law firm is responsive to changes that occur before, during and after trials, and we are adept at adjusting to new circumstances. At every stage of your legal matter, we will represent you in the best possible light while seeking the best possible resolution.


Talk To Us, Not The Police | Clearfield and Jefferson County Criminal Defense Lawyer


     One of the most important obstacles we face in representing clients comes from self-incriminating comments they unwittingly make to police before calling an attorney.


     Police officers are required to read you your Miranda rights, including the right to remain silent and to call an attorney. However, many people are in such a state of shock when they are arrested that they begin answering questions police officers ask them.


     Many people do this to appear cooperative, thinking it will make things easier for them down the road. It does not. The things you say to police can be (and probably will be) used against you.


     Don't let loose lips sink your criminal defense ship. Before you answer a single question, use your right to call the Law Office of J. D. Ryan. Consult with us in confidence and let us do the talking for you. It will result in a much better outcome than if you try to go it alone.



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     The Law Office of J. D. Ryan Law stands ready to defend and protect you. For more information, or to schedule a free consultation with a Clearfield and Jefferson County criminal law attorney, contact us online in, Reynoldsville, Pennsylvania, or call 814-653-2042.